The Totally Terrific Virtual Peony Festival


To ALL who have made our First Ever Totally Terrific Peony Festival so Successful,
We thank YOU! And a very SPECIAL thank YOU to our Fabulous Webmaster!
– The 2020 CPS Virtual Show Team –

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Winning Entries

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Children’s Categories

Age 4-7

1st Place – Nana

2nd Place – Emma

3rd Place – Victoria

Age 8-12

1st Place – JaJa

2nd Place – Sean

3rd Place – Lydia

Age 13-18

1st Place – Sophia

2nd Place – Jackson

3rd Place – Nathan

Adult Categories

Category 1 Single

1st Place – Nick Maycher
Chocolate Soldier

2nd Place – Nick Maycher

3rd Place – Lucie Pepin

Honourable Mention
Adrianna Work – Friendship

Category 2 – Semi Double

1st Place – Doug Bradford

2nd Place – Shauna Gray

3rd Place – Lucie Pepin
La Vie en Rose

Honourable Mention
Holly Pender Love
Abalone Pearl

Honourable Mention
Lindsay Andreasen
Coral Sunset

Honourable Mention
Karen G. Kelly
Hawaiian Pink

Honourable Mention
Audrey Atkinson
Green Halo

Category 3 – Double

1st Place – Nick Maycher
Pastel Elegance

2nd Place – Lucie Pepin
Heavenly Pink

3rd Place – Karen G. Kelly

Honourable Mention
Pierre Turenne

Honourable Mention
Nick Maycher
Rose Heart

Honourable Mention
Lucie Pepin
Lois’ Choice

Category 4 – Japanese/Anemone

1st Place – Pierre Turenne
Beautiful Señorita

2nd Place – Angela Andruss

3rd Place – Nick Maycher
Do Tell

Honourable Mention
Angela Andruss
Bride’s Dream

Honourable Mention
Angela Andruss
Bride’s Dream

Honourable Mention
Lucie Pepin
Feux d’Artifice

Honourable Mention
Audrey Atkinson
Gay Paree

Category 5 – Intersectional

1st Place – Nick Maycher
Magical Mystery Tour

2nd Place – Lindsay Andreasen

3rd Place – Marsha McLean
Raggedy Ann

Honourable Mention
Jennifer Boss
Canary Brilliant

Honourable Mention
Joanne Pecarskie
Morning Lilac

Honourable Mention
Nick Maycher
Impossible Dream

Category 6 – Tree Peonies

1st Place – Madeline Maiorano

2nd Place – Fran Zerr

3rd Place – Lucie Pepin

Honourable Mention
Glynis Thomas

Honourable Mention
Madeline Maiorano
Hana Kisoi Floral Rivalry

Honourable Mention
Gina Ng
Kamata Nishki

Honourable Mention
Adrianna Work

Category 7 – Unknown Beauties

1st Place – not awarded

2nd Place – Joanne Pecarskie

3rd Place – Angela Andruss

Honourable Mention
Dawn Wrangler

Honourable Mention
Jennifer Boss

Honourable Mention
Shelley Brenner

Honourable Mention
Angela Andruss

Category 8 – Oh Canada

1st Place – Audrey Atkinson

2nd Place – Donna Lyle

3rd Place – Shirley Papenbrock

Category 9 – Mini Delight

1st Place – Jennifer Boss

2nd Place – Debi Foster

3rd Place – Angela Andruss

Category 10 – Monochromatic Madness

1st Place – Debi Foster

2nd Place – Doug Bradford

3rd Place – Joanne Pecarskie

Category 11 – Ikebana Summer

1st Place – Serge Le Blancq

2nd Place – Serge Le Blancq

3rd Place – Jennifer Boss

Category 12 – Best Peonies in a Row

1st Place – Joanne Pecarskie

2nd Place – Nick Maycher

3rd Place – Pierre Turenne

Honourable Mention
Kelly Ann Loughery

Category 13 – Best Peony Garden

1st Place – Pierre Turenne

2nd Place – Laura Reeves

3rd Place – Angela Andruss

Honourable Mention
Holly Pender Love

Category 14 – Best Peony Landscape

1st Place – Willem Oudemans

2nd Place – Pierre Turenne

3rd Place – Angela Price

Honourable Mention
Audrey Atkinson

Floral Design Demonstrations

Floral Design by Nicholas Maycher of Prairie Peonies

Firstly, here is the final result of Nicholas Maycher’s demonstration.
Follow the two-part video below.

Note: Click the play button below to watch the demo presented in two parts. Expand the video to full screen by clicking on the full screen icon    in the lower right of the video.

Demo Part 1

Demo Part 2

About Prarie Peonies

Located in Edmonton, the Prairie Peony display garden has been boldly blooming since 2013. Founded by Nick Maycher, the garden is grown with love and contains a diverse selection of carefully curated peony varieties – from historic heirlooms to exciting new introductions, from gold medal winners to garden novelties. This charming suburb plot is bursting at the seams with beauty and character and has some very special peonies that are sure to leave a lasting impression long after your visit. Stop by today; I look forward to meeting you!

Floral Design by Elke Wehinger

About Elke Wehinger

My name is Elke and I’m a European trained florist. I love working with natural materials and bringing Mother Nature inside. In my videos, I’ll share my passion for flower design with you. Whether you’re new to floral design or someone with experience, I’ll have lots of tips and tricks for you. You’ll learn step by step how to create beautiful hand-tied bouquets, table decorations, floral displays – classic, funky, quirky and cool!

Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more flower arranging videos.

Peony Inspiration

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love peonies. What better way to celebrate this magnificent flower than to visit some of the best fine artists in the world who are putting paint to canvas and creating remarkable works of art often using peonies as their muse.

Here are some talented artists who’s work we wanted to share during our Totally Terrific Online Peony Festival. Visit their websites and social media channels and be amazed!

Kimberley Cook

White Peonies IX by Kimberley Cook

Kimberley Cook is a Canadian Artist who paints in Oils and Watercolor and loves painting white peonies.

“Although it’s just my opinion I think peonies are the most beautiful and fragrant flower in the world. It is why as an artist that I am so captivated by everything about them and continue to paint them again and again.”

Please visit:

Thomas Darnell

Thomas Darnell working on a massive canvas

A potent combination of wanderlust and artistic yearning led American born Artist Thomas Darnell to set up a studio in Paris, France. He now lives in the south of France.

“I’ve spent many years painting so many flowers that the process has become almost like a mantra. Sometimes they appear half dissolved and others fully realized, photo realistic, lush and sensual. Flowers symbolise human enlightenment and serve as brief reminders of the highest aspects of our nature: love and joy.”

Please visit:

Jenny Fusca

Jenny Fusca with large peony painting

Jenny Fusca works in the lively medium of acrylics, sealed with oil glazes, which bring the blooms to life on the canvases. I often paint on oversized canvases – limited in size only by the ability to get them through my front door! The large scale is immersive – providing a dramatic perspective into the floral world.

“I’m always looking for new blooms. I visit parks, flower markets and neighbourhood gardens. As the seasons change, there is always something new to admire! I live and work from my bushland studio in Sydney.”

Please visit:

Marcella Kaspar

Marcela’s paintings are studies of complex tonal variations, with an emphasis on color relationships, the study of changeability and the delicate nuances of color. The proportional scales invite the viewer into exotic cocoons, switching the focus onto beauty, stillness and meditation.

“There is an obsession in my work with the ephemeral nature of flowers and how they reflect the transient nature of life. There is also a constant fascination with the transparency of water, and the play of light, colour, temperature and atmosphere that makes up the subject”.

Please visit:

Virtual Garden Tours

Émission pivoines Casa

In 2015, Mélanie Grégoire who was animating a garden TV show wished to present something about peonies. She contacted Lucie Pepin who was president of Société québécoise de la pivoine and asked her if CASATV could come to visit her garden and make a video about peonies. Of course, Lucie was very happy about the request that represented a great opportunity to promote these flowers that we like so much.

This video was made In 2015 when we had about a little more than 100 peonies, but now we have 233 ones. The video comes from CASATV and Lucie Pepin.

Émission pivoines Casa

En 2015, Mélanie Grégoire, animatrice d’une émission de jardinage à la télévision, voulait présenter une émission sur les pivoines. Elle contacta Lucie Pepin qui était présidente de la Société québécoise de la pivoine pour lui demander si CASATV pouvait venir visiter son jardin et réaliser une video sur les pivoines. Lucie accepta avec plaisir la demande qui représentait une occasion de promouvoir ces fleurs que nous aimons beaucoup.

Cette video a été réalisée en 2015 alors que le jardin comptait un peu plus de 100 pivoines. Maintenant, notre collection compte 233 pivoines de différentes variétés. Cette video provient de CASATV.

Oshawa Peony Festival Garden Tours

See all of the tours of the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens and some private garden tours and helpful tips.

The 2020 Virtual Peony Show Entries

A display of all the great entries we received. Click any contest image below to view larger.