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Peony Artists

Turning peonies into beautiful expressions of art

Kimberly Cook

Kimberley has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her desire is to “create beauty” in every area of her life. For Kimberley being creative is like breathing, an essential part of her life keeping her grounded and peaceful.

Yoshie Measures

I make uplifting and colourful art… I’m inspired by nature and believe that art is freedom. I believe that creativity is bliss… but above all, I believe that this is my calling.”

Matthew Tarini

Matthew Tarini is a realist painter currently living in Ancaster, Ontario. He is particularly interested in our society’s increasing lack of connection to nature and in the erosion of community and beauty in the modern world.

Marney Ward

I have always felt a deep spiritual connection with flowers. In my work, I seek to reveal not only the essence of the flowers I paint, but also my own spiritual interconnectedness with the natural world.

A Day in May

A visit to the Thorne Garden by Joan Campbell

Wearable Peony Art

Frances Zerr Wearable Peony Art
Frances Zerr Wearable Peony Art
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Open Gardens

Prairie Peonies Display Garden

Live in the Edmonton Area? This is an amazing Peony garden!

The Prairie Peonies Display Garden aims to educate, inspire and is home to over 100 carefully curated peony varieties selected to represent a diverse selection of flower forms, colors and bloom times. They are from a range of peony breeders whose contributions still remain important in the Peony hybridizing landscape to this day – all located in a very accessible city plot in West Edmonton!

This charming suburb plot is bursting at the seams with peonies for all tastes – historic heirlooms, trailblazing new introductions, APS gold medal winners, best landscapers, garden novelties, fragrant wonders and rare sought-after collector varieties.

Bloom season mid June to mid July. Please visit by appointment via

Click here to visit Hope is Growing

Peony Contest Results

Check out the winning entries of the 2021 Virtual Peony Show.