The Canadian Peony Society Presents

The Totally Terrific Virtual Peony Festival

Jun 1 - Jul 18, 2020

Peony Inspiration

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love peonies. What better way to celebrate this magnificent flower than to visit some of the best fine artists in the world who are putting paint to canvas and creating remarkable works of art often using peonies as their muse.

Here are some talented artists who’s work we wanted to share during our Totally Terrific Online Peony Festival. Visit their websites and social media channels and be amazed!

Don’t forget to come back and enter your Peony photos in our 2020 Virtual Peony Show or if you are 18 or under, enter our Kids 4 Peonies Art Show.

Kimberley Cook

White Peonies IX by Kimberley Cook

Kimberley Cook is a Canadian Artist who paints in Oils and Watercolor and loves painting white peonies.

“Although it’s just my opinion I think peonies are the most beautiful and fragrant flower in the world. It is why as an artist that I am so captivated by everything about them and continue to paint them again and again.”

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Thomas Darnell

Thomas Darnell working on a massive canvas

A potent combination of wanderlust and artistic yearning led American born Artist Thomas Darnell to set up a studio in Paris, France. He now lives in the south of France.

“I’ve spent many years painting so many flowers that the process has become almost like a mantra. Sometimes they appear half dissolved and others fully realized, photo realistic, lush and sensual. Flowers symbolise human enlightenment and serve as brief reminders of the highest aspects of our nature: love and joy.”

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Jenny Fusca

Jenny Fusca with large peony painting

Jenny Fusca works in the lively medium of acrylics, sealed with oil glazes, which bring the blooms to life on the canvases. I often paint on oversized canvases – limited in size only by the ability to get them through my front door! The large scale is immersive – providing a dramatic perspective into the floral world.

“I’m always looking for new blooms. I visit parks, flower markets and neighbourhood gardens. As the seasons change, there is always something new to admire! I live and work from my bushland studio in Sydney.”

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Marcella Kaspar

Marcela’s paintings are studies of complex tonal variations, with an emphasis on color relationships, the study of changeability and the delicate nuances of color. The proportional scales invite the viewer into exotic cocoons, switching the focus onto beauty, stillness and meditation.

“There is an obsession in my work with the ephemeral nature of flowers and how they reflect the transient nature of life. There is also a constant fascination with the transparency of water, and the play of light, colour, temperature and atmosphere that makes up the subject”.

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