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Peony Photos from BC & Yukon

CPS members are encouraged to send photos to your regional director as indicated in contact emails at the bottom of the page.

Peonies Give Back

Also, on the following dates for each region, we are celebrating #peoniesgiveback. On the date shown for your region, we would like every CPS member to deliver a bouquet of peonies to a local nursing home, extended care, hospice or hospital for others to enjoy. Please confirm that flowers are allowed before delivering. We look forward to seeing your photo’s of this and forward them to your Regional Director.

Peonies Give Back Dates
BC & Yukon – Sat, June 25 / Prairies – Sat, June 25 / Ontario – Wed, June 15 / Quebec – Mon, June 20 / Atlantic Canada – Tue, July 5

Click images to view larger. More photos will be added here as they become available.

About The Region

The British Columbia and Yukon Canadian Peony Society Region includes the greatest variation in plant hardiness zones in Canada, from 8 in the southwestern parts to 1 in the northern parts. Climate diversity is another major feature of this region, from the wettest as well as some of the driest in Canada. The climate is influenced by the Pacific Ocean and numerous mountain ranges.

B.C.’s coastal areas have mild, wet winters and temperatures rarely drop below zero. The central and interior areas have colder, snowier winters and hotter summers. The northern areas have long, cold winters and warm summers. The Yukon is one of the coldest areas in Canada. Most of the Yukon has a boreal, subarctic climate, characterized by very long, cold winters and brief warm summers with extended daylight hours. The impact of global warming has been particularly noticeable in our region in 2021.

Canada's Plant Hardiness Zones
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Peonies Across Canada

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Who We Are

We are a Society dedicated to the growth and development of Peonies. We are always looking for new members and enthusiasts to join the Society, so join us and come and share your passion!

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Our Mission

As a non profit organization our mission as a society is to promote the cultivation and enjoyment of peonies in Canada.