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Grafting Peonies

Grafting Peonies

Grafting Booklet

Modified Grafting of Shrub Peonies

Growing Peonies

Commercial Specialty Cut Flower Production – Peonies

Cut Flower Care

Growing Fine Peonies Almost Anywhere

Peony Maintenance

Video: Tips for Growing Peonies

Video: All About Peonies

Video: Easy Tips for Growing Peonies

Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous Peony Culture And Care

About Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous Peony Culture and Care

Hybridizing Peonies

Hybridizing Peonies

Creating new peonies

Creation of New Cultivars

Itoh Peonies (Intersectionals)

Intersectional Hybrids

About Itoh Peonies

Intersectional Peony Culture and Care

Video: INtersectional Peonies

Planting Peonies

Planting / Care / Drying / Cutting / Storing

Planting Peonies

Planting & Care

Planting of Herbaceous PEONIES & ITOH group hybrids

Landscape Placement Of Peonies

Planting Step-by-Step

Video: How to plant Peony Tubers in Fall

Video: How to plant Peonies: Spring/Summer Guide

Video: Planting a Peony

Video: Growing Peonies: Planting & Care

Video: How to Plant Bare Roots

Video: How to Transplant Peonies


Peony History

All About Peonies

Perfecting Peonies by Blaine Marchand

Peony Parents prepared by Reiner Jakubowski

Gift poem by Blaine Marchand

Peony Planting Notes

Paeonia History

Peonies by Steve Mastin

Mystery of the ‘Lady Byng’ Peony

A.P. Saunders’ peonies

Peony Problems (Diseases, Pests)

Pests and Disease

Peony Diseases and Pests

A Grower’s Guide To The Most Common Diseases Of Peony In The United States

Peony Diseases

Selecting Peonies

Selecting Peonies

Peony Videos

Showing Peonies

Showing Peonies

Court of Honour

Species Peonies

Rare And Unusual Peonies From The Wild

Storing and Shipping Peonies

Cutting and Storing Peony Flowers for Later Use

Storing Peonies

Tree Peonies (Woodland Peonies, Woody Peonies)

About Woody Peonies

Woody Paeonia

Woody Peony Culture and Care

Tree Peony Care

The Woodies – Part 1

The Woodies – Part 2

The Woodies – Part 3

The Woodies – Part 4

Video: Tree Peonies

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