Peony Propagation DVD

This DVD combines the two formerly available VHS tapes into one comprehensive disc on peony propagation. There are three parts which are selectable by a menu. All feature John Simkins (founder of the Canadian Peony Society) explaining and demonstrating techniques learned over a long association with the peony. There is a certain down to earth flavour to these demonstrations that puts the viewer at ease and convinces them that they can do it too. Total run time about 72 minutes. Produced by the Canadian Peony Society.

1. Grafting Tree Peonies
A down to earth presentation which we think de-mystifies the grafting process. Subjects covered include; selecting roots and scions, sterilizing, making the cuts using a machine and by hand, materials and tools needed, preparation of the planting bed, care of grafts and planting bed through the winter.

2. Growing From Seed
There are many ways to grow peonies from seeds, but most that are reliably successful take into account the sequential warm and cold stratification needed to overcome dormancy. Here’s how John does it.

3. Root Division
Dividing a peony can be a daunting proposition for most people who have never done it before. The process has been described in many books (sometimes well, sometimes not so well), but there’s nothing like a visual demonstration to get you started.


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