Seed Exchange

Annual Seed Exchange

Last year’s listing was a success with many 100s of seed packets being sent out to many buyers. Their gardens will soon be showing seedlings. This year we are again fortunate in having our generous American friend Mr. Gregory Rockwell sending over 1000 Chinese and Japanese tree peony seeds. Our most distant donor was from Finland and we continue to have seeds of pedigreed crossings from our members and we encourage more members to contribute in this way. This year’s listing is just short of last year’s record. There should be plenty of seeds to go around but order early to be more certain of getting your selection.

This year we will again close off the exchange at the end of April.

Click for the complete seed list.

At the 2016 AGM it was agreed to increase our packet price to $2.00 each for everyone. This is still a bargain as prices for home grown seeds at Seedy Saturdays across Canada are now $3.00 or more. This year we have increased the number of seeds per packet to 6 where ever possible, but of course the number of seeds varies according to how many seeds of each type were donated. As always a number of donations were in very small quantities (as that’s all the plant produced), so rather than having only one packet of 6 seeds, we distribute these in smaller quantities to spread the seed in more directions, thus sometimes there are only a few packets available; these items are marked with an asterisks*; and you may only order one of each of these. Also for the first month of the listing we will limit you to a maximum of 3 packets of each individual item. Listing alternatives is advisable as we will have to substitute in many cases due to the limited supply available.

Non-members may order seeds from this list but where quantities are scarce members’ orders will have priority.

How to Order

Send your list (Please write both item number and name) of requested seeds to:

Canadian Peony Society Seeds
c/o Bill Wegman,
5441 Hilltop Dr.
Manotick, Ontario, Canada,
K4M 1G6

As stated, please list a few alternatives as supply is limited. If you would like instructions on germinating peony seed, please ask and it will be sent with your seeds. You may certainly order more than one packet (but a limit of 3 for the first month of the listing) of any item except those shown with an asterisk.

Please enclose cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Peony Society. It is not advisable to send money through the mail. This year I will again accept postage stamps and Canadian Tire money on small orders. Remember to include your mailing address. Better still please enclose a mailing label if you have one. This will save time and avoid error.


Cost is $2.00 per packet plus $2.00 per order to a Canadian or foreign address. For example; order 4 packets; cost is 8+2=10 dollars.

Phytosanitary certificates are not possible.

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