The Totally Terrific Virtual Peony Festival

Spring normally means one thing to most of us: Peonies….

Sadly our shows can’t go ahead this year, but to fill the gap we’re taking inspiration from Canadians and their gardens, plants, and landscapes to bring you terrific ideas and inspiration, virtually. All events are FREE, so join in the fun!

CPS Virtual Peony Show

It's like a regular show, but online only. Take your best shot and submit it today. Our Virtual Peony Show competition is open to Canadian Amateur Photographers only. You do not need to be a CPS member.

Kids 4 Peonies Virtual Art Show

Is there a budding artist or photographer you know? If so here’s a chance to use your imagination to win a cash prize.

Age groups: 4-7, 8-12 and 13-18 years old.

Floral Design

Join Nicholas Maycher of Prarie Peonies and Elke Wehinger as they put it all together in these beautiful floral design videos.

Artistic Inspiration

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love peonies. What better way to celebrate this magnificent flower than to visit some of the best fine artists in the world who are putting paint to canvas and creating remarkable works of art often using peonies as their muse.

Garden Tours

Visite du jardin de pivoines de Lucie et Pierre à Acton Vale, faisant partie d'une émission de CASATV, animée par Mélanie Grégoire.

This video was made In 2015 when we had about a little more than 100 peonies, but now we have 233 ones. The video comes from CASATV and Lucie Pepin.

The Canadian Peony Society Presents

The Totally Terrific Virtual Peony Festival

Jun 1 – Jul 18, 2020

All events are FREE and open to Canadian Residents. You do not need to be a member of CPS to participate.

The 2020 CPS Virtual Peony Show

Kids 4 Peonies 2020 Virtual Art Show

CPS Root Sale Reminder

We are still looking for root donations

Contact Lindsay Andreason at

The Canadian Peony Society 2020 Peony of the Year: Beatnik

Beatnik, created by Dominic Maltais, photo courtesy Lucie Pepin.

“Lactiflora seedling of unknown parentage. First bloomed 1999, first propagated 2006. DOUBLE. Vivid purplish red petals (RHS 66B) are of the cactus dahlia style but flower is double. Petals vary in width with some being narrow and elongate while other wider ones have notched and frilled terminal edges. Flowers can measure 4 to 6 inches in diameter and are held well above the foliage. Leaflets are long and narrow. The plant has many secondary buds. No fragrance. Average height at maturity is 30 inches. Stems do not need support. The flower should appeal for floral design purposes. Named for the social movement and literature of the 1950s which spawned the term “Beatnik” and is in the eyes of the originator reflected in the informal, somewhat rebellious appearance, of the flower.” – Beatnik, created by Dominic Maltais, photo courtesy Lucie Pepin.











About The Canadian Peony Society

Where We Started

The Canadian Peony Society was formed in January 1998. It was founded by John Simkins, a remarkable individual who specialized in peonies. He grew about 1200 of them around his home.


There are currently over 300 members (from Newfoundland to British Columbia) in the Society; membership is open to anyone with an interest in peonies. We are always looking for new members! Click here for more information.


The Society’s activities include plant sales; a seed exchange; an annual national peony show along with regional shows sponsored by CPS; and periodic email bulletins. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

Our Mission

To promote the growing, improving and use of peonies in the garden and for home decoration; to encourage peony breeding to produce distinctly Canadian peony hybrids; to locate and record locally bred peonies, and produce a national registry of collections and their location; and, to sponsor an annual peony show and encourage regional shows.

Interesting Facts about Peonies


Peonies are long-lived (over 50 years) and very hardy (to USDA zone 2)


Peonies are drought tolerant, low maintenance and are deer-resistant.


Peonies have been cultivated for more than 2000 years as medicinal and ornamental plants.


Flowers come in a range of colours, including yellow, coral, peach and lavender, in addition to white, blush, pink, magenta, and red.


Blooms may be single, semi-double, double, anemone, or Japanese in form and their scent can be classified as rose, lemon, honey, or musk.

What is a Peony?

pe·o·ny (pēˈənē) (pronounced pee-uh-nee) any plant of the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the flowering plant family Paeoniaceae, mostly Eurasian species popular as garden and florists’ flowers. Herbaceous peonies (most varieties of P. lactiflora)—formerly and still sometimes called piney—are hardy, bushy perennials that die back each year. Large, usually spring-blooming, single, semi-double or double flowers commonly range in shades from red to white.

Tree peonies (P. suffruticosa) have a somewhat woody, persistent base and are usually taller than the herbaceous, with more abundant and larger blossoms. Both herbaceous and tree are very long-lived. Both kinds of peony have long been venerated in their native China and Japan. The peony was formerly regarded as both ornamental and medicinal—the roots were used to prevent convulsions. P. brownii is a species of small peony, not horticulturally important, that is native to the West Coast of North America.

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Who We Are

We are a Society dedicated to the growth and development of Peonies. We are always looking for new members and enthusiasts to join the Society, so join us and come and share your passion!

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Are you attending the 2020 National Peony Show & Canadian Peony Society AGM on June 19th and 20th in Regina, Sask? See our Events page for more information

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