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Darlene Kalawsky 2018-2022

Darlene Kalawsky   Canadian Peony Society Past President 2018
They say that taking on a challenge stimulates growth in a way that good times don’t. Facing challenges and navigating one’s way through them builds resilient capacity. You will gain motivation and confidence. You will find opportunities and new goals to chase, maybe do something extraordinary. Challenges seem to be an excellent tool for keeping you focused on the things that really matter and so it began......

I became President in June of 2018. The board was meeting by teleconference calls, as zoom was not yet a thing. I had only met four of our board members in person, at that time. I had served as the BC Yukon director for two years, but was not really clued into the functioning of the society. It seemed that we needed to get focused on the who, why and what we were supposed to do. We did an evaluation. Some might call this an “infrastructure audit.”

Peony Pioneer of the Month

Marvin Balfour

Congratulations to CPS for its 25th anniversary! I have been a member since 2000 and had participated as a member of the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2015 as Treasurer. My first peonies were acquired at a bargain sale at Simpsons-Sears in early December of 1989. For $10 I had gotten 32 peony roots (5 varieties) plus an assortment of summer bulbs and bulbs for
forcing. I became aware of the establishment of CPS in 1998 and within 2 years I had become a member.

In 2003, because I had had experience as treasurer of a number of other gardening organizations, I volunteered to replace the CPS’ initial treasurer. Little that I know that I would be in this position until 2015. Being treasurer is a pivotal position on any board as it involves not only to maintaining the financial books but also becoming an active participant in the governing of the organization.

Le Cratère


Le Cratère
Canadian Peony Hybridizer: Dominic Maltais

“Le Cratère” is the result of the collaboration for more than 20 years between François-Léo Tremblay, Gabriel and Dominic Maltais from Saguenay, Quebec. These hybridizers of which we are very proud have achieved great feats in the field of peonies when you consider the passion, time, patience and energy it takes for the magnificent results that you can find on the APS register. Through their achievements, they contribute to the development of horticulture in Quebec, Canada and even beyond the country. Unfortunately, François-Léo Tremblay, who died in June 2021, will not see the tribute paid to him and his friends.


Dutch Girl Peonies

5254 Queen Victoria Road Beasley, BC V0G 2G2
Tel. 250 359-7142

Dutch Girl Peonies

Dutch Girl Peonies
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My husband and I have lived on a 300-acre farm above the Kootenay River for over 46 years. During this 46-year period we have milked cows, made cheese, sold milk, raised chickens, cows, and pigs. Our dream was to be full time farmers, but this didn’t pan out and we ended up settling for part-time farming and careers while raising our three children.

Coming from Dutch heritage I have always had a deep-seated love of flowers. As a busy mother I never had much time for flower gardening but one thing I noticed was that the peonies always bloomed no matter how much I neglected them! The blooms were beautiful and fragrant! I was sold on peonies!

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We are a Society dedicated to the growth and development of Peonies. We are always looking for new members and enthusiasts to join the Society, so join us and come and share your passion!

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