Peony of the Year 2024

Prosperity Maud

It brings us immense joy to unveil the winner, Prosperity Maud—a captivating peachy herbaceous hybrid bred by the late Maurice Ménard, and notably, chosen for the first time through the collective voice of our members.

Prosperity Maud is a hard-to-find peony, and there are not many plants in commercial production.  It was the first peony from the Ménard seedling collection that Lindsay D'Aoust registered back in 2003. The flowers are an unusual shade of apricot and they hold their colour well. Deep pink flares at the base of each petal have their colour amplified by the deep pink base of the otherwise golden stamens.  

Height: 60-90 cm
Fragrance: None
Sidebuds: 1 to 2 per stem
Staking required: No
Bloom Week: 4

Prosperity Maud at Whistling Gardens

Prosperity Maud at Whistling Gardens
Photo by Joan Campbell

Seed Sales

CPS 2023 Seed List

The Seed Exchange is a fund-raising project which helps to support the operations of the Society. It provides access to peony seeds from hundreds of varieties of peony, including species, lactifloras, hybrids, Itohs and tree peonies. Seed packets are all priced the same but the number of seeds in a packet depends on the number of seeds available and also the size of the seeds. Seeds can also be ordered free of charge to organizations and institutions for educational or research purposes. Donated seed comes from Society members across Canada, the U.S. and by special arrangement from Whistling Gardens, Wilsonville, ON. Most of the seed is open pollinated. Seed can be ordered by e-mail or mail. Instructions and pricing are provided on the downloadable seed list. Payment may be completed by sending an e-transfer to the CPS via by cheque payable to the Canadian Peony Society, or by PayPal or major credit card. Download the seed list in English or French here.


Get Into Helping with the 2023 CPS Root Sale

One of our popular fundraisers will be celebrated in a slightly different way this year. We are asking every member to donate a root, whether one of your own or a purchase from a vendor. You may also donate a gift card. Lindsay Andreasen, our root coordinator, is hopeful that those who have not donated before will participate in making this a huge success. All donors will be recognized with a special 25th anniversary donor certificate.

View the 2023 Root Sale List on the Members Only Page. Contact Lindsay at

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Peonies can be purchased from many sources. Experience has shown that the best results are obtained by buying from a grower or peony specialist. The roots you get from these people are generally larger, fresher, and true to name, though mistakes do happen. A reputable source will not hesitate to correct any inadvertent errors they may have made.

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