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NEW - The John Simkins Memorial Hybridizer Award

The CPS is delighted to announce the introduction of this new award

It is our hope that this award encourages and draws attention to hybridizing activity in Canada and shines a spotlight on uniquely Canadian plants, their creators, and the process of creation. Eligibility for this award is not limited to those carrying out willful hand pollinated crosses in the strictest sense, but also open to those growing peonies from seed, be it from their plants or other sources. Also eligible are those promoting hybridizing activities and sharing educational content. This distinction can be awarded posthumously.

This award is named in honour of John Simkins, the founder of the CPS and its first president, who sold seedlings in small plastic seedlings for $1 to connect others with the magical experience of growing never before seen plants; many of these seedlings were shared far and wide and sent overseas. 

2024 CPS Lifetime Achievement Award

Purpose of the Award

This prestigious award recognizes members who have contributed to the Canadian Peony Society and peony world in a variety of ways – as a volunteer, grower, leader, ambassador, author, writer or innovator. The nominee must be a current member of the Canadian Peony Society to be considered for this award. 

Award Criteria

Individuals nominated must have given of themselves to promote the Peony in any combination of the following ways:

- Ambassador
- Author
- Editor
- Grower
- Hybridizer
- Board member
- Donation of roots to gardens which are open to the public
- Organizer of major society activities
- Member in good standing

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Any member of the Society may nominate any other member of CPS by writing a letter to the board outlining the reasons for the nomination.
The deadline for this year’s nominations is April 4, 2024

Send nominations to Darlene Kalawsky, Awards Chair.

Previous Award Winners


Reiner Jakubowski

Reiner Jakubowski receiving certificate

Reiner Jakubowski receiving certificate

Congratulations to Reiner Jakubowski, the winner of the Canadian Peony Society’s 25th Anniversary Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes Reiner as a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the peony world in many different roles. Reiner served in many capacities on the CPS board, serving as president as early as 2000, and later as secretary and membership coordinator. He has put in countless hours on behalf of the Society. In 2000 Reiner registered the beautiful “Castlegar” Itoh peony. Reiner has also been very active with the American Peony Society and he served as the peony cultivar Registrar for ICRA for 18 years. During that time he instituted a more detailed registration format and processed approximately 800 new peonies. Thank you, Reiner, for your contribution to the growth and development of all things Peony!

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Brian Porter

Brian Porter
Brian Porter
Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Canadian Peony Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Brian is a professional horticulturist, co-founder of the Regina Peony Society which shortly became the Prairie Peony Society, and past president of both the Prairie and Canadian Peony Societies. He has been instrumental in the staging of more than two decades of peony shows held in Regina, including three national shows. His involvement with peonies goes back many years. Brian became the unofficial curator of the Agriculture Canada peony gardens at Indian Head and helped to relocate the peonies in 1994. He has organized distribution of peonies to various existing public peony gardens in Canada and “saved” many peonies when peony gardens were slated for removal. Brian has shared his knowledge and love of peonies through his many peony articles, editing of the Prairie Peony Society newsletter, and webinar presentations on heritage peonies. Thank you, Brian, for your amazing contributions to the peony world.

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